Getting Started

Moving Translation Partners – it’s easier than you think

Perhaps you like what you have learned about Eurotext Translations and would like to try us out for your next project, but find the idea of switching over to a new supplier somewhat daunting. If so, rest assured: at Eurotext we understand the challenges that customers face when switching over to a new translation provider. We have successfully helped numerous organisations take advantage of Eurotext’s service while continuing to benefit from their previous translation investment.

Our approach will be tailored to your specific circumstances. If you have access to a previous translation memory, or perhaps previous source and target translations, Eurotext Translations will work with you to determine the best way of making use of the content. If you are 100% happy with your previous translations, Eurotext will incorporate this content into our translation management system for a seamless switchover. We can also help if you are unhappy with the quality of the previous materials but do not want or cannot afford to start afresh. Here Eurotext will analyse the quality of the assets and put in place measures to cost effectively address all quality issues so that you continue to gain maximum benefit from your past investment.

Eurotext’s delivery team will be happy to take you through this process step by step and to analyse your translation memories and other linguistic assets to determine the best approach for you. Moving partners really is easier than you think.