Eurotext Translations – a Language Partner to Irish Construction, Engineering and Environmental Companies

Eurotext Translations has over 20 years experience in the translation of tender documentation for the Construction, Engineering and Environmental sectors.

Through our international tender work we have first hand experience of the complexity, structure and scope of these tenders and the tight response timeframes involved.

In our experience a tender translation budget rarely exists and most Companies resort to any freely available resource or tool that they can get their hands on with the rest paying dearly for a top quality, professional translation they may not need.

Eurotext brings to the table an alternative tender translation solution customised for the Construction and Engineering sectors which combines Eurotext’s tender experience, our skilled and professional translators together with the best technology that the translation industry can offer.


At Eurotext we can:
•    Guide you through the tender documentation to identify the relevant sections for   your bid
•    Handle all file formats including non-editable pdfs
•    Adapt the translation quality to your needs i.e. you don’t need the same quality for tender questions and answers compared to tender legal conditions.
•    Deliver translations in user friendly formats to match your requirements e.g. bilingual Bills of Quantities in Excel format.
•    Apply our technology to create your own reusable translation memories and glossaries.

To see how Eurotext’s tender translation solution can bring significant cost and time savings to your tendering process please contact Jennifer Walsh at + 353 1 709 6400 or by email at

Our Translator Profiles

Our many years of experience in this area has allowed Eurotext to build a highly responsive, effective and managed panel of experienced technical translation experts delivering effective solutions to manufacturing organisations across the globe.

Our extensive panel of translators and editors boast an average of 15 years solid experience working in the translation and localisation industry. They are selected and recruited for their successful track record of translating, revising and reviewing technical texts in line with the requirements set out by the European Standard for the provision of quality translation services EN 15038:2006. They are all native speakers of the target language and are based in-country, thus having direct access to up-to-date subject-matter expertise.


Our Languages

Albanian * African Languages – Afrikaans, Assante, Ewe, Fante, Hausa, Swahili, Xhosa, Zulu * Arabic * Azerbaijani * Belarusian * Bosnian * Bulgarian * Catalan * Chinese, Simplified (“Mandarin”) * Chinese, Traditional (“Cantonese”) * Croatian *  Czech * Danish * Dutch * English, US * English, UK and Ireland * Estonian * Farsi * Finnish * Flemish * French, Canada * French * German * Greek * Hebrew * Hungarian * Icelandic * Indian Languages – Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu * Irish * Italian * Japanese * Kazakh * Korean * Latvian * Lithuanian * Macedonian * Maltese * Moldavian * Norwegian * Polish * Portuguese, Brazil * Portuguese * Romanian * Russian * Serbian * Slovak * Slovenian * Spanish, Latin America * Spanish * Swedish * Thai * Turkish * Ukrainian * Vietnamese *