Eurotext Translations has over 10 years’ experience working with clients who specialise in electronic learning, organise e-training courses for their employees worldwide, or require localised corporate presentations or e-commercials. We can blend our subject matter expertise, for example in medicine or banking, with our knowledge of e-learning media to create-tailor made courses in your languages.

Amongst the content we localise are training courses, corporate presentations, certification programmes, e-commercials, books and games.

We can design the content to suit your specific requirements, or we can work with your existing content to ensure that through cultural and linguistic nuances in your target markets, we provide a solution that conveys your core message globally.

The full process consists of:

  • Script preparation
  • Translation, validation, formatting
  • Voice casting – the selection of suitable voice talents
  • Studio recording under the supervision of a director
  • Post production and QA (including editing of audio into individual audio files, optimisation of audio quality, compression and format conversions, exporting files into final media)
  • Recording to video
  • Subtitling – permanently added to a video (usually the case for web videos) or displayed in real time.
  • Dubbing – where there is audio on the source training course
  • Lip synching – this is a more sophisticated form of dubbing, where the actor’s voice in the target language matches the lip movements of the person on screen.

Whatever your budget, Eurotext Translations can provide you with the right elements of the process to match your needs.

Our e-Learning Sector Experience

During our 10-year track record in this sector, Eurotext Translations has delivered localised solutions for e-learning applications across many specialised subjects from medicine and physics to national education curriculae. Eurotext Translations has supplied reliable and professional translation solutions for the following:

  • Online courses and learning programmes
  • E-commercials
  • E-training materials
  • Games and forums
  • Certifications programmes
  • Business simulations
  • Authoring tools
  • Multimedia tools