Eurotext Translations has provided translation and localisation solutions to the financial services industry for two decades. Our involvement in this sector started with an early demand for professional, reliable and informed financial translation and localisation solutions from Ireland’s International Financial Services Centre located on the Dublin quays.

Over the twenty years since then, Eurotext has developed a range of translation and localisation solutions designed for internationally traded financial services, including banking, asset financing, fund management, corporate treasury management, investment management, custody and administration and specialised insurance operations.

Eurotext partners with clients to deliver timely, high-quality financial translation solutions in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

Our Financial Sector Experience

Eurotext Translations’ provides reliable and professional translation solutions for the following:

  • Annual reports
  • IR
  • Financial summaries and financial planning
  • Stock exchange documentation
  • Mergers and acquisition documents
  • Investor related documentation
  • Equity, bond and currency market analyses and reports
  • Funds business
  • Issue prospectuses
  • Loan applications
  • Accounts
  • Auditor’s reports
  • Financial reporting guidelines
  • Business plans
  • Employee magazines
  • Software systems
  • Actuary assessments
  • Management accounting
  • Distribution and sales organisation
  • Policy creation and tracking
  • Health, life, P&C insurance
  • Claims reports

Our Translator Profiles

Our extensive panel of financial translators and editors boast an average of 15 years’ solid experience working in the translation and localisation industry. They are selected and recruited for their successful track record of translating, revising and reviewing financial texts in line with the requirements set out by the European Standard for the provision of translation services EN 15038:2006. They are all native speakers of the target language and are based in-country, giving them full exposure to changing styles and preferences in their native languages.