Your corporate identity is all-important. It has taken many years to develop and position your brand and you want to ensure that this messaging is intact across all your target markets.

As your business grows, branding becomes more and more important. Introduce translation into the mix and things get even more interesting. Suddenly, there are many more elements to manage and cultural preferences to take into account. Where do you start?

At Eurotext Translations we feel that with effective corporate branding and marketing, expanding into a new market is an opportunity to strengthen your business’s identity by taking your brand and message to a whole new audience.

To effectively establish your corporate identity, consistency is the key. If all the elements of your business are united under one brand, customers will begin to associate your company’s brand with its spirit and ideals. This kind of familiarity breeds recognition and repeat business.

Your choice of language partner is an important decision especially when it comes to localising your brand and messaging.  Producing effective marketing translations takes a lot of dedication, know-how and a high degree of source content knowledge, not to mention a clear understanding of the target audience.

At Eurotext Translations, we actively promote and encourage client involvement in the creation of localised marketing content. Nobody knows your product or service better than you. So we build that knowledge loop into our marketing translation process. Our experienced marketing translators work to client approved style guides and terminology and our clients enjoy the option of Eurotext involving your local offices in the review of the localised content we have developed. In this way we ensure the very best of both worlds – brand and message clarity and consistency coupled with high quality professional translation and localisation solutions.

Our Marketing Sector Experience

Eurotext Translations provides effective and professional translation solutions for the full range of marketing translations, including:

  • Advertising
  • Sales brochures and leaflets
  • Marketing flyers
  • Point of sale materials
  • Datasheets
  • Websites
  • Exhibition and tradeshow material
  • Email campaigns
  • Media kits
  • Press releases and press packs
  • Magazines
  • Product packaging


Our Translator Profiles

Marketing, excellent writing skills coupled with BA in translation studies, financial corporate translations.

The translators and editors on our panel boast an average of 15 years’ solid experience in the translation and localisation industry. Our marketing translators all have excellent writing skills coupled with professional qualifications in translation studies. They are selected and recruited for their successful track record of translating, revising and reviewing content in line with the requirements set out by the European Standard for the provision of translation services EN 15038:2006. They are all native speakers of the target language and are based in-country, giving them full exposure to changing styles and preferences in their native language.