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Our many years of translation and localisation experience have allowed Eurotext to build a talented and responsive panel of experienced professional translation experts. Strong linguistic and technical writing expertise coupled in many cases with professional qualifications in all major areas of Engineering, ICT, Life Sciences, Finance, Legal, Marketing and Professional Services ensure optimum results.

The translators and editors on our extensive panel boast an average of 10 years’ solid experience in translation and localisation across the major industry sectors. They are selected and recruited for their successful track record of translating, revising and reviewing content in line with the requirements set out by the European Standard for the provision of translation services EN 15038:2006. They are all native speakers of the target language and are based in-country, giving them full exposure to changing styles and preferences in their native languages.

Building on this strong base of experience and expertise, our quality control systems and methodology are also designed to meet the exacting requirements of your industry.

Eurotext’s experienced project management team, working with our panel of experts worldwide, can build a tailored solution comprising the following services, in just about any language from Albanian to Zulu.



Translation is the rendering of a source text into one or more target languages.

At Eurotext Translations, all translations are carried out by professional native speaking translators. Our experienced linguists carefully match your specific translation requirement with subject matter experienced translators.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing is the step that brings the translation into the original design format, by inserting the translated text into the artwork and ensuring that the final lay-out is correct for the target languages (text expansion, hyphenation, grammatical layout rules etc).

At Eurotext Translations, native language speakers review the final layouts and ensure the localised file is ready for print or online publication.

DTP is performed as a standard part of the localisation workflow.


Internationalisation is the process of enabling a product at a technical level for localisation. An internationalised product does not require remedial engineering or redesign at the time of localisation. Instead, it has been designed and built to be easily adapted for a specific market after the engineering phase.


Is the process during which software or Help files are converted before and after translation.

Engineering includes:

  • Preparation to allow for the most efficient localisation process.
  • Engineering QA steps post translation.
  • Post-translation assembly.

Refers to Complex UI and mark-up projects where files need technical preparation prior to translation commencing.

In-Country Review Management

In-country review (ICR) is the internal review by a customer of translation outputs provided by Eurotext. ICR provides the customer with the option of a review step within their internal organisation, in order to approve the terminology and style choices made by the translation team on their behalf. ICR is managed by the Eurotext Project Manager who liaises directly with the customer’s in-country team, to ensure that the review is carried out to instructions and schedule.


A voice-over, often abbreviated to VO in script notation, is a narrative technique in which a validated script is read by a talent and recorded, possibly for insertion over visual elements in a multimedia project… Read More

Project Management

Project Management is responsible for liaising with the customers during the project life cycle and ensuring a clear and regular communication path.

At Eurotext Translations, our project managers ensure that your projects are completed to schedule, quality and cost expectations through effective planning, resource management, project tracking, budgeting and risk management.


Where delivery is required outside of the standard turnaround times, a rush fee would apply.